⦿We offer 24 hours support to our clients.

⦿We have qualified staff members who are happy to do what they do best.

⦿We are licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya as an Applications Service Provider. 

⦿ Our devices have been tested and approved by the Government Engineers from the Ministry of Roads. 

⦿ We work hand in hand with the Kenya Police Special Crime Prevention Unit to trace vehicles even across borders in case of theft.

⦿ We contact our clients should we note fault on the vehicles e.g. Power disconnection or over speeding or diversions from the main course of route.

⦿ We inform our clients when we spot their vehicle in areas that are known to be danger zones or at border crossing points.

⦿ Our device has an internal memory chip that keeps log of the vehicle status should there be a temporary regional or worldwide internet traffic or communication network interruption.

⦿ We have experienced technicians who have the capability of fitting the device in remote parts of the vehicle

⦿ We have a secure yard to carry out installations

⦿ We work closely with the manufacturer of our gadgets who are committed to supporting us round the clock; hence we are able to give views and suggestions from our clients regarding any improvement or customization that may come up.

⦿ We use state of the art technology; we pride ourselves for being the only company able to monitor fuel levels in trucks that have two tanks with minimal modifications.

⦿ We offer a free demonstration on request which is only payable after the client is satisfied with our services.
-After installation we issue a certificate with our company
seal and serial number.