a) The tracking unit provides features like real time vehicle monitoring and vehicle history from point of installation.
b) We provide all the software & hardware literature and brochures for free after
installation of the tracking system.


a) The unit sends data to the web platform indicating whether it is in motion or stationary and can be tracked in real time
b) The unit can receive various signals that it transmits to the web based platform that requires a username and password.
c) The unit is suitable for all terrains and can operate at temperatures ranging -25°C to +60°C.
d) Our system is 100% web based thus requires no software installation into your computer.
Manuals in both hard and soft copies are available.
e) We have different user accounts i.e. where we create accounts and we give certain authorities including immobilizing the vehicle if authorized, can immobilize the vehicle using the web based platform or sms.
f) The unit is supplied with the latest firmware with our specifications i.e. for the Kenyan market.


a) The unit is tamper proof, has no visible switch and is hidden within the vehicle.
b) The unit has an appropriate fuse and a surge protector (12volts-24 volts).
c) The unit can integrate into existing vehicle alarms and other tracking units.
d) The unit’s antenna is strong enough to pick very weak signals.
e) The GPS sensitivity is -159dbm and the GPS module supports 20 channels
f) The Gprs data transmission capacity is 85.6 kbps
g) Built-in battery to power the unit that ensures continued storage and tracking data is sent to the web platform when main power is disconnected.
h) Data backup. When the unit goes offline (in case there is no internet connection in the country), data is stored into the device’s inbuilt memory and uploaded to servers once connectivity resumes.

i) The system has a GSM module 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

j) The unit supports both sms/ missed call position reply including posting speed and other vehicle information.

k) The tracking system does not interfere with the operations of the vehicle.

l) When the vehicle is in motion, it is visible in the live tracking

m) The unit has sleep mode and can be preset to different modes e.g. upload data when there is no speed, which means the unit will not send data as long as the vehicle is moving.


a) Data backup feature provides replay of offline route using Google maps

b) We have a web based platform using up to date Google maps that gives real time vehicle location and status which can be accessed using an internet enabled phone or computer.

c) The frequency of transmission is not based on time, distance and angle but settings by the administrator of the system who can choose to customize transmission intervals e.g. 1 minute, 5 minutes.

d) The location accuracy is 5-10 meters

e) The web based platform is in real time and gives vehicle information when in motion, when on or when off.

f) Coverage is configured to use gprs.

g) The system has geo-fencing/route creation capabilities and it triggers alerts when the vehicle goes out of an authorized area.


a) Our system is 100% web based

b) Data export to excel/pdf is available on the system.

c) The system is hosted on secure servers to allow data security, backup and recovery.

d) The system has several alerts which include; over speeding, low battery, multiple geo fences, disconnection from main power source.

e) The system has keys/fields including Reg no, colour, make, driver name etc.

f) The system allows one to view multiple vehicles in real time. They are distinguished by the vehicle info displayed against the icons on the map including location and speed.

g) The unit/system allows authorized users to immobilize the vehicle using their user names or authorized cell phone numbers. 


a) The system processes detailed reports on ;
-Fleet status,
-Fleet location,
-Report by region, function, sub-region etc.
-Periodical stop time report with download selection facility
-Daily activity reports
b) The unit sends mileage data to the web platform directly. 


a) The warranty period is 3 years.
b) Warranty replacement is done for parts that fail early.
c) For support services, our personnel are available on call 24/7 and they assist in locating, monitoring and vehicle immobilization and mobilization. We also do recovery at a fee.
i) The maximum response time to reported defects is 24 hours.
ii) The system’s reliability is a commendable 97%.
iii) Reflex Technologies Limited holds full responsibility for installation and maintenance of
the Tracking Device/Gadget by qualified technicians and ONLY with authority from
relevant personnel. ANY unauthorized installation or maintenance deems the warranty null and void.
f) The system provides online service 24 hours a day for the period of the contract.
g) All literature provided is in English language.

a) The unit starts operating immediately after installation.
b) Our system is web based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet enabled phone or computer.
c) Training is offered on both functional and technical aspects of the system.
d) Our system performs silent upgrades and diagnosis is done by our supplier


Live presentation of the following system functionalities
a) Hardware unit and surge protector presentation
b) Web-based real time functionality
c) Odometer accumulation display on the dashboard and distance report by time (day, week
and month).
d) Fuel monitoring by quantity, mileage and consumption can be incorporated. However
this comes at an additional cost as we use fuel sensors and not tapping the voltage.
e) Our system uses Google Maps

-Detailed tracking report with all events between start and end of a journey.
-Replay of tracked vehicle trips between any selected periods.
-Stoppages, duration and location.
– Engine idling.