Tracking and Fleet Management Solution

Our Solution Entails:

i. Web/Mobile monitoring platform

Users are able to locate their vehicles through our web and wap monitoring platforms as well as Android and IOS based smartphone applications.

ii. Vehicle travel history playback

On demand history playback is available on our platforms. This
shows location, status (acc on/off), speed, cumulative mileage
and *fuel consumption.

iii. Data Backup

When GSM signals are weak, the Reflex Tracker will performs an offline backup of the location per interval as well as corresponding data and automatically uploads this data to our servers when GSM signals stabilize.

iv. Geo-fencing

This is set up to monitor a vehicle’s movement in and out of predefined areas. Geo-fence breach alerts are auto-sent to platform and by sms to designated mobile numbers.

v. System and SMS alerts

Pre-programmed event alerts are sent to the web/mobile platforms and by sms to designated mobile numbers. These alerts include, geo-fence breach, over speed, *fuel siphoning, tamper and accidents.

vi. Remote vehicle immobilization

Commands to this effect are executed from our control room to immobilize the vehicle in emergency situations e.g theft viii. Reports Various vehicle data reports can be produced from the web platform and exported to excel and pdf formats. The reports include:vehicle status reports, speeding report, *fuel consumption report, geo fence report etc.

ix. Fuel monitor (*At an extra cost)

The fuel sensor is an accessory added to the Reflex Tracker. It monitors real time fuel levels, amount of fuel dispensed into the tank and consumption rate. It allows detection of fuel siphoning. Fuel data records can also be produced from the web platform report center and saved as excel and pdf formats.

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